About the breed

Gloucestershire Old Spots pigs, GOS, are a rare heritage breed from England. This means that the breed is old and has not been selectively bred for fast production in a commercial setting. GOS grow slightly slower, have fattier or more flavorful meat, and are happier outdoors than modern improved swine breeds.  Their red marbled meat is the pork of choice for the Queen’s table.  While we may not have royal blood in our veins, GOS pork makes every meal fit for royalty.

These docile pigs are a large 400+ pounds at maturity.  They have white skin with at least one black spot.  Their ears are so floppy that they have a hard time seeing! It is a good thing that their sense of smell is so strong.  Traditionally they were kept to make use of kitchen scraps, old milk, and windfall fruits.  Folk lore has it that their spots originated when apples fell on them causing bruises while they rested under the orchard canopy!